Small and Alternative Power Engineering

 engineering and construction organization of  power plants small and medium capacity




Core Activities

LLC "Small Alternative Power Engineering"  implements and promotes  perspective new saving technologies of energy generation (heat, electricity, cold) in the Russian power market.

We perform the following types of work to solve this problem:

Preproject work - investment justification into construction of the future power plant, TAP (technical and commercial proposal), FS (feasibility study). These works allow customers and investors to evaluate the feasibility of building the power station. Following main sections:

  • Selection of the power plant type, the main and auxiliary equipment, based on the needs of electric and thermal power (schedules of monthly and daily energy needs), reliability, economic efficiency and the pattern of electric and thermal power consumption.

  • Development of the main solutions: layout, technology, electrical.

  • Determination of structure price of the future power plant.

  • The calculation of economic indicators: the payback period, the cost of electricity and heat.

  • Environmental estimation.

Analysis of proposals (tenders) Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of gas turbine units for specific conditions and requirements of the customer, with the purpose to provide recommendations on the most suitable equipment and the type of power plant.

Design of power plants, thermal power plants (TPP, CHP):

  • Project documentation development with the accompaniment to the state expertise.

  • Development of project documentation.

Organization of construction.

Development of requirements specifications for new equipment together with the producer (boilers, cooling towers, etc.).

Resolution of questions of the manufacture, assembling: power plants main buildings, thermal-mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and control Instrumentation & automation .

Assistance on finance issues .