Small and Alternative Power Engineering

 engineering and construction organization of  power plants small and medium capacity




Objects were put into operation based on our projects.

1. GTPS - 12 MW  at the JSC  Scientific Production Association "Saturn" Rybinsk, 2002 г.

The building of a gas turbine power plant is made from metal structures of brick factory, BCS (booster compressor station) flank to the main building of gas turbine power plant . List of equipment: GTU-6RM, produced by JSC "Saturn - Gas Turbines", utilization vertical steam boilers, manufactured by JSC "Energomash (Belgorod)", BCS - prototype model by "NOEMI".


2. GTPS - 12 MW  at  the JSC "Chem-Trust" Omsk, 2002 г.

The main equipment: GTU-6RM, produced by JSC "Saturn - Gas Turbines",utilization vertical steam boilers, manufactured by JSC "Energomash (Belgorod)",. Gas turbine units are located in a former storehouse, boilers are located in a separate designed building.


3. GTPS - 12 MW, in Naryan-Mar, 2003 г.

The main equipment: GTU-6RM, produced by JSC "Saturn - Gas Turbines", with out utilization of exhaust gases.


4.   GTPS - 12 MW- a prototype model in Ivanovo of "Ivgorteploseti", 2004

      Thermal power plant operates on a rejection cycle of flue gases from the gas turbine which are directed to the power boiler that can operate in the following modes:

Free-running, which uses the heat of natural gas combustion,

- Utilization, when waste heat of gas turbine is used,

- Сombined, wherein the waste gases of the gas turbine are used as the oxidant in the combustion process of natural gas, and are discharged into the boiler burner. (see. scheme)

Capacity of each boiler - 50 t/h of steam.

Boiler E-50, produced by JSC "ZIOMAR" Podolsk (prototype model), gas turbine unit - 6 MW ("Ural-6000"), the production of "Aviadvigatel" Perm (prototype model), a booster compressor station (BCS) Productions of "NOEMI" Moscow - screw-type compressors (screw is made ​​in Germany, the rest - in Russia) - prototype model.

5.   GTPS - 12 MW in Mikhailovka Volgograd Region, 2005 г.

Power plant was designed as combined- cycle plant: 40 t/h of steam is obtained from flue gases utilization of two GTU-6RM , is directed to 6 MW steam turbine.

GTU-6RM, produced by JSC "Saturn - Gas Turbines", heat recovery boiler, by JSC "Energomash (Belgorod)", horizontal type - prototype model. Afterburner device was made to maintain the steam parameters 440 °С, 39 kg/cm2 regardless from the outside air temperature, created by JSC "Saturn - Gas Turbines" - prototype model.

The building is made from brick based on the customer request. Whole power plant is located on a powerful monolithic slab h=1,5 m due to weak poor soils. Two chimneys are h=60m on separate foundations, height was defined on environmental performance.

For details, see "Press publications  The magazine "Expert. Equipment, market, proposal, price." №03 (63)  March 2002 г.

6.     CCP-CHP 8MW in the village. Black Dirt, Solnechnogorskiy district, Moscow region., 2007 г.

Gas-reciprocating power station consists of four gas piston units produced by «JENBACHER» and two peak boilers Vitomax 200 manufactured by  «VIESSMANN».

7. Installation  in the boiler house of backpressure steam turbine "Kuban-0,5" produced by JSC "KTZ ", Bratsk, 2011

The steam turbine is installed instead of the pressure reducing device, which will provide for their enterprise own needs up to 500 kW of electrical power. The project is implemented in parallel work with a network, but without delivery the power  to the network.

The design and engineering documentation was completed . Installation was started in operation and has worked at nominal operating conditions.