Small and Alternative Power Engineering

 engineering and construction organization of  power plants small and medium capacity




Feasibility study and analysis

1.  CHP-18 MW for JSC "Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Production Association. Y.A. Gagarin" 2007.

The power plant consists of 3 GTA-8-RM of "Saturn - Gas Turbines" and three waste heat water boilers


2.  CСP - 65 MW of "CHP-North" Astrakhan., 2008.

Justifications of investment in building. Power plant consists of: 5 units GTA-8-RM, 5 waste heat steam boilers KGT-20, 1 steam turbine 25 MW.


3.  CHP-24 MW provide heat and electricity to tourist and recreational complex "Turquoise Katun" on Altai territory., 2008.

Power plant consists of: 3 gas turbine  "Ural-6000", 3 waste heat steam boilers KGT-20, 1 steam turbine 6 MW.


4. Reconstruction of Argun CHP-4, based combined-cycle CCGT power plant of 48 MW, 2009.

Required to provide a sugar factory in the Argun town with steam in an amount of 60-90 t/h, as well as the Argun town electricity. Rejection scheme was proposed: exhaust gases of gas turbine discharged into the burners of boiler E-100. As the gas turbine engine is selected SGT-700 production Siemens.


5. Electric power plant 6 MW for electricity production site of "Europlastic" at the Tver-town region, 2010.

A comparison of the options on the gas turbine and piston units has executed. Configuration on the 4 gas piston installations is selected.


6. Pre-investment stady "Technical and economic analysis of the GTU waste heat recycling system variants on the "Gazprom transgas Ukhta" compressor stations". Department of Strategic Development was the customer. 2010 - 2011.

7. Three GTU-16 MW waste heat recycling system for Janajolskaya GTPP, Kazakhstan, 2011.

This pre-investment analysis considered two of the recycling complex: on the steam turbine technology and ORC-technology from various manufacturers.

8. "Feasibility proposal to use the heat of exhaust gases of gas compressor units of compressor stations to generate electricity through the turbine generator set". "Gazprom transgas Ekaterinburg" was the customer, 2012.