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Jet-reaction turbine

We present a unique development of the Russian and Ukrainian specialists - jet-reaction turbine JRT-475 rated power 475 kW. If you compare to existing back-press turbine analogues, JRT is smaller in several times, mass is lower and price is half as great. For example, a back-pressure turbine Kuban- 0.5, “Kaluga Turbine Zavod” ( KTZ ) has a mass 12 ... 13 ton as compared to JRT-475 that wait is 4 ton. Such indicators show using turbine without blades (one turbine wheel). JRT rotates on a high -speed 25,000 rev/min. Besides, compared with other turbines, JRP has a little gas losses and effectiveness don’t decrease during operation in a wide range of inlet and outlet steam pressure, up to deep condensing mode. The operating JRT cost is also in several times less as compared with the units with the scapular turbines.

In the figures below show a general view of the unit (two 250 kW turbines that work on one gear box) and longitudinal section of turbine with gear:


Main JRT - 475 technical characteristics:

1. The parameters of the nominal mode :

1)   Electric power - 475 kW ( two turbines of 250 kW that work on one gear box) ;

2)   Three-phase current voltage - 380 (400)V, frequency - 50 Hz;

3)   Rotational speed of the generator shaft - 3000 rev / min;

4)   Turbine rotation frequency - 25,000 rev / min;

5)   Inlet steam pressure - 2.4 MPa (excessive pressure) ;

6)   Inlet steam temperature - 350 º C;

7)   Outlet steam pressure - 0.05 MPa (excessive pressure);

2. Weight of the unit ( turbo-generator with two turbines ) - 4050 kg.

3. Overall dimensions (length × width × height): 3500 × 1930 × 2600 mm.

The turbine is designed for steam reduction , for example to generate electricity for own needs of boiler houses, it is installed parallel to the pressure reducing cooling station or the fast response pressure reducing and desuperheating station . It can be made with other steam parameters and also as condensation turbine. Currently JRT–475 prototype has been manufactured and tested.

In the photo below you can find JRT–475 prototype.