Small and Alternative Power Engineering

 engineering and construction organization of  power plants small and medium capacity




Сam-rotor type turbine

We present together with company "ORC technology" unique development of Russian specialists - Сam-rotor type turbine. The estimated number of electric capacity - 18.5, 37, 50 kW. The installation based on this technology works on organic Rankine cycle. As an ozone-friendly working fluid is used freon that allows generate electricity from heat-carrying agent with temperature from 70 °C or higher and heat drop from 30 °C or more. Efficiency of the installation is from 5 to 12%, which allows install it in most existing boiler-houses and central heating station (CHS).

The figures below are shown a working prototype of the turbine and electrogenerating module with a cam mechanism.


The concept of cam-rotor type turbine application.

The turbine will be used for autonomous power supply of CHS and boiler-rooms, generating electricity from the heat of hot water. In the figure bellow you can find a scheme of such a power plant.

Closed loop is filled with freon and shown in purple. Red shows the contours of existing heat in the CHS.
Hot water enters the heat exchanger water/freon (working medium). Water heats and evaporates the working medium. Freon vapor enters the turbo-expander which connects with power generator, which generates electricity. Freon vapor after expander enters the recuperative heat exchanger and then to a heat exchanger freon/water, where it condenses and convey heat to water that assign for heating and hot water supply of a consumer.
The implementation of this cycle provides the energy production at the level of 5 - 12 % from the available heat flow. In this case, the heat use efficiency of incoming heat exceeds 99.5 % , as all waste heat enters consumer heating circuit.